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Early Stuff
Halloween 02
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Halloween 05

The Year My Digital Camera Died!

Unfortunately the display on my camera died so the photos are limited - rats!

Here's the castle facade we built.  

Essentially it's a painters tarp turned

into a framed canvass.

Grandpa - the Harbinger of Halloween held a sign that read,

"Castle Nottingham

Come see us Trick or Treat night for a scare and some treasure

If You Dare!"

The facade under construction.

The Door going back our walk to the haunt.

I used foam board, pvc, and a John Burton technique to simulate cracked wood by layerering carpenter's glue and covering it with the brown paint.

The Nottingham Crest with a skull added for my generation's accomplishment.  Not as cool as beheading 3 Turks, but it'll have to do.

The end pf the tunnel.  A Terror Syndicate track played through here.

The prison where my son ran a pop out pneumatic prop and a clanking coffin in the neighbor's graveyard.  A Hedstrom track filled the rest of the haunt with dread through the speaker on the porch.

This guy scared the crap out of virtually everyone that thought he was a static prop - when the little bugger popped out with a strobe light behind him many a scream was heard through the neighborhood.

Maliboo lighting a'la TerrorSyndicate

Rampaging weasel on one of our Pumpkin lights.

Dragon eggs lit with Malibu lights and the one on the left pops up with a dragon baby (really Godzilla) inside.

My puking skeleton fountain I made from an old sump pump and one of those K-Mart skeletons.  It turned out pretty cool.


Spongebob had a sign on him that said "The Last TOT that took too much candy.  Spider Bucky got him.  Unfortunately my digital camera died before I could take a photo of the treasure chest across from them filled with ring pops and candy necklaces.

The wizard room where I hid in plain sight.  In the fog at night the cauldron blinded everyone just enough for me to come out of a dark corner and startle them.

From Daffy. . .

. . .to Demon!

Step 1 - Decapitation!  Dismemberment! 

 Most importantly - get your brother-in-law to 

dump a life size Daffy Duck 

from a Penn State home coming float 

on you porch as a joke.

Step 2 Insert weapon - soon to be battle axe!

Step 3  Slave labor with monster mud.

Saddened Slave.



A little monster mud and great stuff and a discount mask from Spencer's last year.

The Demon's final resting spot outside the great feast tent.










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