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I've revamped the links page into a no nonsense format.


Here's what left.  Check them out one at a time. 

Each link will open a new window.  

They have a wealth of information on haunting.


First, some just plain interesting stuff.

Awesome Haunted Portraits that change as you move by them.

Everything about latex masks

A search engine dedicated to horror.

Real ghost stories.

Love his paintings.

Cool clipart, games, and more.

The best magazine on dark attractions.

A haunter convention.

Another magazine and Haunted House search.

Free Halloween e-greetings.




Timers and LED eyes for cheap.

Home of the monster maze and 

the PA Haunter's gathering

What's a bucky you ask?

The granddaddy of prop making lists.

Love this book.

Every home haunter's dream.

Learn about monster mud here.

Lilac's Garden

Screamin Scott's Halloween Page

King's Inexpensive Halloween Ideas

The archive of the list.


This should be enough to get you started.



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