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Sorry about the huge graphics, but some photos are worth it.

In no particular order . . .


Not the silver bridge!  It fell down,

but there's Point Pleasant in the background.

Yikes.  Hope this bridge is a good one.

Chief Cornstalk supposedly cursed

the town for 200 years when he was

unjustly killed.

Some blame the Mothman on him.

A view downtown from the

Silver Bridge Memorial.

Too bad the movie wasn't filmed here.

The infamous flood wall.  The Mothman was sited sitting on it - that never showed up in the movie.

Just down here was where the Silver Bridge

used to be.

A view looking from PP

toward the bridge out of town.

Where the bridge would've spanned the

Ohio river - check out the barge.

We found it odd that city council

and the mayor would put their names

on a plaque above the victim's

names on the bricks below.

46 dead.  Some townsfolk

reported seeing mysterious lights

around the bridge supports before it fell,

and men-in-black supposedly were on the

banks after.

The hayride through the TNT area

Check out the orbs - not dust, it was muddy.

CBS national news was there.

It was on Sunday morning 9/29/03

In the background is a guy dressed like the

Mothman, but note the orb in the lower left.

The line.  By pure luck we ended up being in

the front.

In the distance beyond the bleachers is the

site of the old power plant where the sighting

first took place.  The county has turned it into

a nature preserve and wouldn't allow the hayride

to go there :-(

Movie props.

Harris' Steakhouse.  The movie restaurant

was patterned after this place.

You gotta' eat here!

Super friendly people.

The man in white is John Keel.

He's the reporter that wrote

"The Mothman Prophecies".

If you've read it you can guess why he's dressed in white.


Hmmm, doesn't look a thing like

Richard Geer.

The Lowe Hotel

Haunted, so they say.

Everyone needs a 1500 lb

stainless steel Mothman statue in

their backyard, eh?

More movie props.

The local bank manager on the left,

and a strange woman that kept jumping

in my photos on the right.  Sorry, honey

your not really that strange, but then again 

you did go to a Mothman festival with me.

Nice lady, wish I'd gotten her name -

the bank manager that is.

I already know my wife's name.

(Celesty kindly emailed me the name: Virginia "Jenny' Shaw of the Peoples Bank located at 421 Main Street Point Pleasant, WV  ---  Thanks -- May 13th, 2005)